One of the most crucial Deliverables of the iDecide project will be the iDecide Toolkit. This toolkit will:

  1. Contain material from all other deliverables in abbreviated format, with a link to the project portal for full access to all resources. Partners will cooperate with the leader to produce guidelines and ideas for promoting existing work experience, suggestions, and evaluation tools.
  2. Be an easy to use package with resources to support school leaders and school staff to make decisions at the school level. It will include brief summaries of research findings, checklists, decision making flowcharts, practical tips, web tools and web apps, along with details on how to engage in inclusive decision making at the school and policy levels.
  3. Invite school leader and staff to consider the following factors when making these decisions:
    • Cultural differences: Visits to religious sites need to take into consideration the various religions represented in the school population/community of the area/country in order to ensure that religious sites belonging to religious minorities will not be neglected systematically (regardless of intention)
    • Disability - Health issues: Consider all disabilities/health issues/dietary requirements of the school population and the potential difficulties they may encounter in the initial plan of the excursion/school visit
    • Economic obstacles - Depending on the socioeconomic status of each student they need to be sensitive of the cost
    • Geographical obstacles – Consider the location of the community and the distance that children may need to travel everyday between the school and their homes
    • Social obstacles – Decisions need to consider social characteristics of the pupil population such as the type of their family, the citizenship status of the parents etc.

Mobile App

An important part of the iDecide toolkit will be a mobile app, which will be used to provide input, participate in polls, vote on different issues and provide suggestions for improvements within the school.